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DMA Awards 2023

DMA Group Celebrating Excellence: Awards & Recognition

Honouring Our Team’s Accomplishments

Our annual Christmas gathering this year was an opportunity to not only spread festive spirit, but also to spotlight the considerable accomplishments of our DMA Group team members. We held an awards ceremony, which celebrated those who have made significant contributions in their fields, across four categories. Each category was created with the intent of acknowledging the varied talents and skills within our team. These awards are not merely a token of appreciation, but a demonstration of the respect we hold for our team members who make DMA Group the success it is today in driving change for better.

The nominations for the awards were all the more special as they were not determined by the upper management alone, but rather, they originated from the very peers and colleagues our awardees work with day-to-day.

DMA Group’s Rising Star

The ‘Rising Star Award’ is specifically tailored towards newcomers. It is awarded to someone who, despite having less than a year’s tenure at DMA Group, has demonstrated an impressive dedication to their role and made significant strides in their contribution to the team’s success. This category recognises the effort and expertise of those who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our workplace.

Alex Draper, Planning Co-ordinator

Alex Draper won the Rising Star award for her exceptional performance and dedication in her role as a planning Co-ordinator at DMA. She quickly settled into the team and made an immediate impact by improving communication between planning and procurement. Alex’s friendly and approachable nature, combined with her willingness to help others, makes her a joy to work with. She has consistently worked efficiently under pressure, resolving issues and juggling multiple responsibilities, including training new staff members. Alex’s enthusiasm, availability, and commitment to going above and beyond for her colleagues and the job makes her one of the best planners ever.

Notable recognition

  • Charlotte Scott, HR Liaison Officer
  • Millie Dickson, Apprentice Maintenance Engineer

DMA Group’s Field Service Award

The ‘Field Service Award’ is awarded to an engineer who not only consistently performs their tasks with utmost dedication and skill, but also exemplifies our company values through their service. This award recognises the technical savvy and commitment of our engineers who work relentlessly, often in challenging conditions, to uphold the service quality we promise to our customers.

DMA Field Service Award

Patrick Speller, Gas Engineer

Patrick Speller, a Gas Engineer, has won the Field Service Award for his exceptional dedication and support. He consistently demonstrates a friendly and respectful attitude, always going above and beyond to assist others, even in high-pressure and stressful situations. Patrick’s support and willingness to provide advice have been invaluable to his colleagues, and he has proven his commitment by staying on-site and assisting with customer issues. His extensive knowledge and expertise are relied upon for pricing work, making him an invaluable asset to the team. Patrick truly deserves recognition for his outstanding contributions and is a deserving winner of the Field Service Award.

Notable recognition

  • Dean Freed, Principal Engineer
  • Nicolae (Mario) Apostol, Maintenance Engineer

DMA Group’s Office Award

The ‘Office Award’ is presented to an employee who has significantly impacted our organisation through their steadfast commitment and embodiment of our values. This is for individuals who are not only adept at their job roles but also contribute to the overall positivity and productivity of the office environment. Their ability to collaborate, motivate, and inspire others is what this award seeks to celebrate.

Becky Price

Becky Price has been awarded for her exceptional contributions to various projects, particularly in mobilising DEBRA and Leigh Academies Trust (LAT). Her dedication and calm demeanour while managing immense workloads, along with her ability to remain focused under pressure, are commendable. Becky played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of the DEBRA mobilisation, conducting workshops and ensuring everything was in place before going live. Additionally, her efforts in the LAT mobilisation and contract variation were instrumental in securing a significant win for the business. Despite the challenges involved, Becky demonstrated exceptional drive, resilience, organisation, professionalism, and focus. Her ability to build strong relationships with our customers and comply with obligations during front-end processes is praiseworthy and makes her a deserving recipient of this award.

Notable recognition

  • Chloe Patey, HR Supervisor
  • Josh Hopkins, Procurement Supervisor

DMA Group’s Project Award

The ‘Project of The Year’ award is for those individuals who have made a significant contribution to a particularly challenging yet successful project. This award acknowledges the hard work, resilience, and dedication required to navigate project challenges and deliver successfully. It recognises the individual’s ability to lead, strategise, and execute in order to meet project objectives and deadlines.

Paul Thatcher

Paul Thatcher was awarded for his exceptional contribution to the large and complex Fire Compliance project at PoD. Despite the challenges and potential failure, Paul willingly stepped in and provided invaluable assistance. He consistently demonstrated his willingness to help, even when the task was not originally assigned to him. Paul’s availability and friendly demeanour made him a trusted source of advice and support. His dedication and expertise played a crucial role in the success of the project, making him a deserving recipient of the project award.

Notable recognition

  • Matt Warne, Project Manager
  • Zach Ingram, Quantity Surveyor

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the award winners and notable recognitions. Their exemplary dedication, professionalism, and commitment to our values have truly made a difference in our organisation.

We commend your efforts and celebrate your victories and may you continue to inspire and lead with your spirit.

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