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DMA Group (“DMA”, “we”, “us”) uses cookies across all the services that we make available over the internet (“our services”). By using these services you consent to our use of cookies.

This cookie policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties we partner with use cookies, your choices regarding cookies and other related information.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to your device by websites that you visit. A cookie file may be stored on your device and made available to the service that created it, or other related services, when you next visit them. The contents of the cookie may include information that allows those services to identify you.


How do we use cookies?

When you use and access our services, we need to send a number of cookies to your device.

We use these cookies for the following purposes:



Our services involve data that must only be made available to specific individuals. This includes data that we produce and collect in the course of doing business with a customer, as well as data that relates to individuals that access that data on behalf of that customer.

In order to authenticate your identity and provide access to only the data or resources to which you are entitled, DMA uses industry-standard mechanisms to authenticate that the individuals accessing our services are who they claim to be. In the course of this identification process, DMA will deposit encrypted data in cookies on your device.



Our services use sessions in the course of providing services via your device. A session is a mechanism that allows your device and our service to maintain a conversation without our servers asking you to authenticate yourself every single time your device passes information to our servers. The session cookie may also contain information explaining which of our servers your device is conversing with. This is used to improve the speed at which we can deliver services to you.



Our services may use cookies to save your preferences and improve your experience when you use our services in future. This may include information that identifies you, such as the email address you use to authenticate yourself to us.


How do our third party partners use cookies?

Our services may involve the use of technology delivered by third parties for the purposes of authenticating your access to those technologies and to enable us to analyse your behaviour while interacting with our service, which we will use to improve those services in future. The list of third parties we currently use are as follows:

We use Google Analytics to track access to our public website at

We use Microsoft Application Insights to track authenticated access to our other services.


Your choices regarding cookies

You can decide what your device does when asked by our servers to store a cookie and you can instruct your device to delete any cookies that you have previously allowed it store. You will be able to find information on how to do this from the provider of your device or from one of many guides on the internet that cover multiple devices. For example:

Please note that if you delete old cookies you may lose access to some of the functionality you might expect from our services. If you refuse to accept new cookies then it is unlikely that our services will function over the internet at all and you will need to contact our Customer Care Team so that we can arrange alternate provision.


Other related information

There is much more information available on the internet if you are interested in understanding more about cookies. For example:

If you have any more specific questions about how DMA services use cookies, please contact our Customer Care Team.