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Experience a customer-centric revolution in property and facilities management with our innovative Integrated Managed Service solution.

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Enhance your efficiency and compliance with our Integrated Managed Services solution

Are you managing a property portfolio spread across various locations and relying on a significant supply chain, or possibly a combination of supply chain and in-house delivery?

If you’re currently facing challenges related to demonstrating compliance with statutory requirements, determining the optimal size of your in-house delivery team, or maintaining control over your supply chain’s performance, it may be an ideal time to explore our Integrated Managed Services solution.

DMA Integrated managed services

We focus on making workforce management seamless and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on your core business functions.

Our Integrated Managed Service provides a workforce management solution that is designed to streamline your operations, ensure compliance with statutory requirements, and optimise the performance of your direct-delivery labour teams and supply chains. Our solution incorporates the use of our specialised service management platform, BiO®, which uses live data, automated processes and calls-to-action to deliver consistently exceptional results.

How does an Integrated Managed Service solution work?

We start by creating a data-rich map of your estate. This involves gathering detailed information about your assets and properties. Through this, we gain a deep understanding of how your buildings and properties operate and identify critical areas that may pose potential risks.

Using this data, we optimise your supply chain and direct-labour teams, allocating resources strategically to ensure maximum efficiency. We also incorporate resilience measures to guarantee the continuous availability of your assets and properties.

By combining our expertise with thorough planning, we aim to provide you with optimised workforce management that ensures the smooth functioning and uninterrupted availability of your assets and properties.

Your regional and national management partner

As your Integrated Managed Services partner, we adopt a collaborative approach that ensures the smooth execution of facilities management tasks. Whether engaging your diverse range of nationwide or regional supply chain partners, or addressing scheduled and unforeseen maintenance needs, we expertly oversee task management and coordination of resources and workflows within the BiO® framework, leveraging our in-depth familiarity with the system and our proactive approach to getting things done.

Leveraging the power of BiO® into our Integrated Managed Services solution

We leverage our experience alongside our service management platform BiO®, to effectively manage the interactions between your properties, assets, suppliers, direct delivery labour and internal stakeholders. This integrated approach creates a roadmap that serves multiple purposes: it helps in controlling costs, reduces administration, improves delivery performance, ensures compliance with statutory requirements, and unlocks opportunities for enhancing the workplace environment.

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How will an Integrated Managed Services solution benefit you?

Stay focused on your core business operations while our Integrated Managed Service streamlines facility management.

Harness the power of BiO® seamlessly integrated into your contract, enhancing your Integrated Managed Service solution.

Maximise efficiency by aligning supply chain and in-house delivery labour with asset and operational priorities.

Benefit from expert management of your supply chain partners so you get the best out of them.

Streamline work order and invoice processing, reducing administrative overhead.

Gain full transparency into compliance with regulatory requirements.