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Making buildings work better

We offer a wide range of building services to ensure the smooth operation and upkeep of your facilities and assets.

DMA plays a vital role in enhancing the efficiency, safety, and longevity of the facilities we manage, allowing our customers to focus on their core activities while having peace of mind regarding the maintenance, operation, and sustainability of their premises.

Facilities Management

We offer a comprehensive range of hard FM and soft FM services across multiple sectors for the day-to-day operation and occupancy of your buildings and properties.

Whether you operate a corporate office, a commercial space, or an industrial facility, our service is designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the life of your building. Our seamless integration of hard and soft facilities management services ensures the optimal functioning of your facility.

DMA Facilities Management Hard and Soft
DMA Integrated managed services

Integrated Managed Services

An Integrated Managed Service solution adopts a collaborative approach to facilities management. Whether engaging your diverse range of nationwide or regional service providers or addressing scheduled and unforeseen maintenance needs, we expertly oversee task management and coordination of resources and workflows within our BiO® framework, leveraging our in-depth familiarity with the system and our proactive approach to getting things done.

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

Our integrated mechanical and electrical services designed to support the safe, efficient, and reliable running of your buildings. They encompass a wide range of services to preserve and maintain your assets to reduce failure and extend their lifespan.

DMA M&E services
DMA Energy Audits

Energy & Sustainability

Energy Services combining innovation and sustainability to optimise your facility’s energy consumption. Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. Whether you’re a small business or a large estate, our tailored approach ensures your energy needs are met with precision.

Construction Project Management

From initial advice and design development, through to delivery, completion, and aftercare, our Construction Project Management Services provide a seamless experience through your entire project lifecycle, from planning and scoping, to delivery and handover.

DMA Construction Project Management Planning

Powered by our technology, BiO®

BiO®, our service management platform, is the linchpin for shaping our success and the success of our customers. At its heart, BiO® is an aggregation of streamlined processes and automated workflows, designed to amplify the efficiency of DMA’s back office teams and engineers. This extends to our customers, translating into a customer experience journey marked by responsiveness and excellence

  • Cloud-based
  • Access any time, any where, on any device
  • Real-time data and records
  • Automated dashboards
  • Document control
  • Managed by exception