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Saving energy,
cutting carbon

All the advice, services, and support you will need to reduce your demand, install renewables and reduce greenhouse emissions.


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Efficient energy & sustainability solutions for minimising your environmental impact

DMA’s Energy Services combines innovation and sustainability to optimise your facility’s energy consumption. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. Whether you’re a small business or a large estate, our tailored approach ensures your energy needs are met with precision.

DMA Energy Advice and Consultancy

Advice and consultancy

We offer tailored advice that considers your facility’s unique needs, helping you make informed decisions that align with your goals and bottom line. With a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and performance enhancement, our consultancy services set the stage for transformative change.

DMA Energy Grants and Incentives

Grant & Financing Arrangements:
Making sustainability feasible

Navigating the expanse of energy-related grants and incentives can be daunting. We specialise in identifying and securing available financial benefits for your energy projects. We ensure you take advantage of tax breaks, rebates, and incentives, amplifying your return on investment and facilitating cost-effective sustainability initiatives. We can also explore financing arrangements that suit your budget, making sustainability and efficiency initiatives attainable without straining your resources.

DMA Energy Audits

Surveys & Audits:
Precision insights for optimal performance

A thorough understanding of your facility’s energy consumption is essential for effective energy management. Our energy surveys and audits are an extensive analysis into your infrastructure, identifying inefficiencies and hidden opportunities. This data-driven approach allows us to develop strategies that target specific areas for improvement, ultimately leading to enhanced energy performance.

DMA Energy Tailored Solutions

Detailed Design:
Crafting tailored energy solutions

Our detailed design process translates energy concepts into tangible plans. We integrate energy-efficient systems seamlessly into your facility’s framework, optimising performance while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. The result is a meticulous roadmap for achieving your energy goals, with an emphasis on durability, efficiency, and innovation.

DMA Energy Equipment Specifications

Equipment Specification, Sourcing & Selection:
Curating efficiency

Not all equipment is created equal when it comes to energy consumption. We select equipment that supports with your project’s goals and specifications, and carefully source materials that align with your project’s budget and requirements, prioritising sustainability, and long-term value.

DMA Energy Competitive Tendering

Competitive Tendering:
Balancing quality and cost efficiency

Our competitive tendering process strikes the perfect balance between quality and cost. We thoroughly evaluate bids to ensure that the solutions and services offered align with your project’s objectives. Our aim is to secure top-tier services and products at competitive rates, ultimately maximising your project’s value.

DMA Energy Installation and Project Management

Installation & Project Management:
Seamless execution

Our skilled project management team oversees every aspect of your energy project. From coordinating installations to managing successful project deadlines, we ensure a seamless execution that aligns with your facility’s operational needs.

DMA Energy Monitoring

Monitoring and Targeting:
Data-driven performance enhancement

Real-time data is the cornerstone of energy optimisation. Our advanced monitoring systems provide valuable insights into energy consumption patterns, enabling you to target inefficiencies and adjust strategies for maximum performance enhancement.

Case Studies

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