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We have served the education sector for many years, recognising opportunities as well as challenges in this interesting sector.

An ever growing pressure to deliver excellence.

Head teachers, principals, vice chancellors, governing bodies, and staff face increasingly difficult decisions when trying to balance books, manage property and facilities, and deliver excellence in education all at once.

With budgets under constant pressure, educational institutions are forced to scrutinise spending while also carrying out their duty to provide a space that is not only safe but also conducive to learning and teaching.

Our Approach

We use our experience in primary and secondary schools, academies, colleges and universities to solve the dilemma of restricted budgets and high expectations. Covering everything from planned maintenance to emergency breakdowns, large or small, we are your experts in providing technical services and a single point of contact for maintenance matters.

Whether you need us to maintain a single gas boiler for your primary school, or are considering a comprehensive review of your current service costs at a multi-campus university, we are the people for the job.

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