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Shortlisted for the i-FM Technology in FM Award 2024: A Milestone for Innovation in Facility Management

Facility management is an industry that thrives on efficiency, safety, and compliance. This is precisely where DMA Group has positioned our innovative triumph with BiO®, our company-wide service management platform, which has recently shortlisted us for the esteemed i-FM Technology in FM Award. It’s more than an accolade; it’s a beacon of innovation that recognises our ground-breaking contributions to the facilities management sector.

The i-FM Technology in FM Award venerates those who significantly elevate the work environment or the processes within the field, heralding the enhancement of workplaces. We at DMA are humbled and proud to have won this award, which signifies our dedication to revolutionising the facility industry through technology.

Transforming the Industry with BiO®

Our journey to this point has been nothing short of extraordinary. As pioneers in utilising CAFM systems, we recognised the limitations they imposed on our pursuit of complete data transparency and process automation. This recognition has led us to create BiO®, a solution born from deep-seated knowledge to address long-standing industry issues.

Our leadership team’s vision to seamlessly integrate technology into every facet of our business operation has yielded remarkable results. Among them:

  • Streamlining daily business activities for operational efficiency
  • Leveraging technology to ensure value for money and high-quality delivery
  • Embracing a modern approach to drive better and quicker decisions
  • Creating an inclusive workplace culture that attracts diverse talent
  • Establishing a thriving ecosystem for our Service Partners and customers

Reflecting on seven years since our pivot, BiO® has redefined what it means to run a thoroughly modern facility management business, with significant improvements in process automation, transparency, and continuous engagement with all stakeholders.

The Impact of BiO® and DMA’s Approach

The implementation of BiO® has not just doubled our business efficiency; it has categorically redrafted the expectations for service delivery within the industries we serve. Building maintenance services offered by DMA now encompass a wide-ranging suite, including Hard and Soft FM, Integrated Managed Services, M&E Maintenance, Energy & Sustainability, and Construction Project Management. BiO® supports these strands by providing instant insights and ensuring record-keeping and compliance are handled with utmost precision.

We operate as one unified entity, utilising the power of BiO® to ensure 24/7 customer care and compliance across various sectors, including Education, Health & Social Care, Hospitality, and Retail, to name a few. This unification underlines our mantra: Making buildings work better, and powered by technology.

Key Features and Innovations that Define Success

BiO®’s winning formula is its simplicity in transforming complex, high-volume transactions. The key features that have propelled it to an award-winning status include:

  • End-to-end process automation, making every transaction intuitive and efficient
  • Real-time, universal access on any device, embedding SFG20 and H&S compliance
  • Dashboards that manage by exception, focusing on continuous improvement
  • Transparency that ensures a single version of the truth across the board

Because of these innovations, we’ve seen our business operations bloom and evolve; customers can now track and manage their maintenance needs in real-time, while Service Partners benefit from improved responsiveness and expedited payments—all facilitated by our open API to integrate with other platforms.

BiO®’s Workflows

Our approach to building maintenance is centred around meticulous tracking of vast amounts of data, especially in regulatory compliance areas, commonly known as the “golden thread” in recent building safety regulations.

When a maintenance job has been identified, whether reactive or planned, BiO® ensures the most suitable engineer is assigned based on skills and qualifications. BiO® also ensures engineers have correctly calibrated equipment, like a multi-meter for electrical testing or a digital thermometer for legionella testing. It considers availability and proximity based on prior appointments.

Every engineer action, from en route to the job, is meticulously tracked and enriched by BiO®. The system provides them with necessary on-site information; scanning an asset’s QR code grants access to its complete history, the “golden thread,” and SFG guidance on maintenance.

SFG is seamlessly integrated into BiO®. Upon job completion, engineers gather evidence required by SFG to demonstrate proper maintenance. They can also provide recommendations or remedial actions, all part of the “golden thread” record.

All this information informs the long-term asset management plan developed with our customers.

Moreover, BiO® implements secondary workflow functions that analyse collected data. It automatically identifies unexpected or unusual data and alerts for further action. This includes quality assurance sampling, overdue remedial activities, engineers exceeding allotted time, and more.

We conduct these processes to provide evidence and ensure consistent adherence.

Lastly, BiO® automates low-value internal processes related to procurement, sales invoicing, timesheet processing, financial analytics, and more. This automation enables our teams to focus on tasks delivering greater value to us all.

The Future of BiO®

Looking ahead, the vista is exciting for BiO®. Our near-term objectives include the introduction of AI in resource planning and the vetting of an approved BiO® supply chain. In the coming years, customer experience bots, data-led asset management and predictive maintenance, and the integration of IoT are all on the horizon.

Our agility in adopting the most advanced techniques ensures that we will continue to attract customers desiring ‘more than the same,’ positioning ourselves as the employer and service provider of choice. Armed with BiO®’s capabilities, the possibilities for service enhancement are bounded only by our imagination and emerging technologies.

“Just being shortlisted for the Technology in FM Award clearly signifies our commitment to pushing boundaries within our industry and sets a benchmark. Looking to the future, we’re excited to continue to lead the way in shaping the next era of innovation and empowerment for our customers. I’m incredibly proud of our achievements and motivated to continue our journey of excellence and evolution.” Andrew Cook, Chief Technology Officer, DMA

“This accolade is a reflection of the extraordinary people behind DMA—each member of our team has played an integral role in crafting the innovative solutions that BiO® represents. It’s their hard work and creative spirit that have propelled us to this point, so the success of BiO® actually belongs to everyone here at DMA, and to our customers who inspire us to transcend traditional boundaries and do more. ” Andrew Wood, CEO, DMA

“Securing a shortlist placement for the Technology in FM Award serves as a reminder of our unique approach at DMA, showcasing our commitment to pioneering beyond conventional boundaries. It vindicates our incessant pursuit of harnessing cutting-edge technology to make buildings work better and more efficiently for everyone. It’s a signal to the industry that our innovative ethos is setting new standards in creating intelligent, sustainable facilities. It’s undeniable proof that what we’re doing here is not just innovative, it’s transformative.”  Steve McGregor, Managing Director, DMA

With the support of BiO®, DMA continues to set apart as a leader in the industry that looks beyond the status quo to reimagine and reshape our industry. Just being shortlisted for this award symbolises our passion and commitment to excellence and stands as a testament to the change we aim