M&E Maintenance & Facilities Management

Rhodium, a leading luxury property provider, engaged in a partnership with DMA in 2021 to ensure the upkeep and preservation of their high-end residential apartments. These apartments span several serviced blocks in premium locales across central London, including Eaton Place, The Lansbury, Vicarage Gate, Buxmead Apartments, and Wilton Row, and require exceptional maintenance services to uphold their super prime status. Our proactive approach, services, and solutions have been specially tailored to align with the unique requirements of these properties and the high standards demanded by their residents.

The Challenge

Maintaining premium residential apartments like those in Rhodium’s portfolio presents unique challenges. The complex systems and high-end fixtures used in these properties require expert knowledge for maintenance and repair. Furthermore, the high expectations of residents and the need to minimise disruption meant that we had to provide an exceptionally efficient and competent service.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a comprehensive suite of services specifically tailored to Rhodium’s unique requirements. We mobilised a team trained in the maintenance and repair of complex systems such as the air conditioning, distribution boards, fire and access control, underfloor heating, hot water systems (HWS), and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units. This team was equipped to handle other pertinent areas including leak detection, water treatment, and additional works like equipment repair, lighting improvements, extract fan replacements, and cleaning and disinfections of Cold Water Storage Tanks (CWST).

The service delivery approach was designed to be as non-disruptive as possible. This was achieved by implementing planned preventative maintenance and guaranteeing round-the-clock reactive emergency response, available 24/7/365. A local mobile team was also established in central London to provide swift assistance when needed.

Our Customer Experience team played a crucial role in maintaining strong communication with residents and scheduling maintenance at the most convenient times for them. They ensured that dates were agreed upon in advance to minimise any disruptions to the residents’ routines, providing a service that was not only efficient and effective but also considerate of the residents’ needs.

The Outcome

  • DMA’s tailored approach to maintenance has ensured the conservation of the high quality of Rhodium’s super prime residential apartments.
  • DMA’s services have allowed residents to enjoy the luxury features of their homes with minimal disruption.
  • The proactive strategy adopted by DMA has reduced the frequency of emergency call-outs, proving the effectiveness of preventative maintenance.
  • The successful implementation of DMA’s services has reinforced the partnership with Rhodium, further establishing DMA’s integral role in maintaining exceptional residences in central London.