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Blog author: Steve McGregor, Group MD

DMA Group supports over 200 customers, in 1000’s of places and spaces across London and the South, ranging from a few thousand pounds pa on a single site, to many millions over a portfolio of properties, in a variety of sectors.

Whether you’re a building owner, occupier or manager, we’ll make your buildings work better powered by our expertise and our smart technology. And what’s more, we’re changing the traditional UK maintenance industry, for good.

We cherish our customers, so when they take the time to formally say ‘thank you’, it means the world to us all, because working in a complex, 24/7 customer service environment, with 100’s of thousands of interdependent tasks, is very demanding. So, those two words of gratitude make it all worthwhile!

Having visited some of our valued customers over this last 2 weeks, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the extra mile our great people consistently go to deliver a great service.

Great job team DMA!

You make me very proud.