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Blog author: Steve McGregor, Group MD

Having engaged with many maintenance companies and customers of late, I’m shocked at the levels of unnecessary, unreliable and inefficient paperwork. For example, why would customers still request and maintenance companies willingly provide hard copy onsite logbooks!? How will this image ever strike an inspiring chord with the young, smart talent we so desperately need to attract and retain?

DMA Group have published a research whitepaper after asking a large number of UK Facilities Managers whether our industry was behind the tech curve. The response was overwhelming, 77% agreed! And only a quarter believed they knew how to get the best from using smart technology. 

Reality is, it’s transformed every facet of our lives, with ever more powerful mobile devices and smart applications lapped up by young digital natives in every household, yet the UK building maintenance industry still flounders around the edges believing a little computerisation here and there cuts it.

Reflecting over 42 years of my career, sadly nothing has really changed. Our industry is staid and traditional, margins are perilously low, tender specification and procurement is fundamentally flawed and customers remain broadly unsatisfied, yet the rut is so deep, the only option is to go with the flow….or is it?

As an industry, we have to change. We must embrace smart technology, automation and innovation. We must challenge ourselves and our customers to embrace the opportunity for better efficiency, effectiveness and service quality. My passion for our industry is indelible, but let’s get real, the only show in town is technology and it’s available now!

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