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DMA Group celebrates 220 years of trading in 2023. We have a valued, loyal team of people who’ve been with us for a long time, and we treasure their continued trust, support and contribution. We engage, we listen, and we seek to continuously improve in our quest to become the preferred employer.

Our steady growth means we are continuously looking to attract new talent, particularly qualified maintenance engineers across all M&E trades. We want the best, we pay well and we’re proud of how we look after our people.

Have we found strong, talented people…yes. However, its been outweighed by those that aren’t! Candidates not turning up for interviews, even after accepting our offer, with great skills on paper but poor in practice, a completely dismissive attitude towards customer service, honesty and integrity. What are your experiences?

We aren’t just another maintenance company. Come and have a look, because powered by our expertise and our technology we’re making buildings work better and changing the UK maintenance industry, for good.

We need great people, who can deliver great service, so we can achieve great results for our customers. So if you’re a great engineer (on paper and in practice), you recognise that customer service is everything and that being a trusted part of a great team is what it’s all about, then PLEASE contact us to discuss. Restore my faith that there is better out there!