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Making buildings work, keeping occupants safe and remaining legally compliant is tough enough for owners, occupiers and managers, yet the traditional UK maintenance industry has made it needlessly more expensive.

In 20 years of using off-the-shelf CAFM systems, they’ve never delivered all that was promised for us. Fed up with compromise, we created our own system, BiO®, and it will be a game-changer.

Our customers, engineers and service partners will be connected by the same digital platform. Business process automation will give everyone end-to-end, real-time transparency. It’s accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime and there’s no charges either!

Our customers will always know what’s going on, right down to who’s attending, their identity, qualifications and competence plus immediate access to their service reports and certification.

Now more than ever, cutting costs really matters, so powered by BiO®, DMA Group will drive maintenance costs down for our customers, permanently!

The customer benefits are tangible, including A-to-Z transparency with choice, control and convenience alongside guaranteed statutory compliance, materially better service and cost savings.

DMA, powered by BiO®; to find out more please contact: