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Few images capture the indisputable evidence of global warming better than climatalogist Ed Hawkins’ Climate Stripes, which tracks global temperatures from 1850 through 2020. Despite that, and set against a challenging geopolitical landscape, was COP-27 a success or a cop out?

The most positive outcome was a ‘Loss and Damage Fund’ for richer economies to support poorer climate-vulnerable countries. However, some heavy producers and users of fossil fuels blocked bolder progression, so merely committed to keep 1.5 alive….as agreed in Paris 7 years ago!

It’s clear that some countries are in denial of the code-red realities we, and our future generations, face but we must all continue to the right things when and where we can. As individuals, communities and organisations we can still make a difference. BBC Country File’s ‘Plant Britain’ campaign is a perfect example having inspired the nation to plant 830,000 new trees, which over 30 years time will have absorbed 4 million tons of CO2!

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