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DMA Group’s Steve McGregor contributed to this recent article in Business LeaderIs prioritising public finances better for the economy than business energy bill support?” Putting aside the politics, we continue to suffer the enduring consequences of some very tough challenges. All of which compounded by a war in Europe that’s exacerbating our cost of living as individuals, and our cost of operations as businesses. There are no easy answers, but doing the right things will eventually make the right things happen.

As an eternal optimist, I know we’ll get through this, (we always do!) but it’s likely to get tougher before it gets better. Wholesale energy prices have fallen dramatically of late which will feed through and inflation will reduce significantly too. Nevertheless, as businesses, we’re still all making difficult decisions to sustain ourselves, support our people, and help our customers to endure the storm.

Getting our public finances back under control and reducing inflation will increasingly improve the environment for our economy to grow. We’re all in this together….do you agree?