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Our DMA Group AGM has always been a valued opportunity to bring our great people together, celebrate our achievements and to make continuous improvement a reality.

2022 has been a transformational year for DMA, with over 30 new colleagues joining us, securing multi-million, multi-year frameworks with the Port of Dover and University College London, new service agreements with citizenM hotels and variety of London super prime residences. All this enhanced by high levels of customer retention and our Energy Services team developing some inspired net zero solutions for our customers including Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital.

Our expertise, and our unique BiO® digital service technology remain at the heart of our approach. And although BiO® has already made our back-office 50% more efficient, we strive to be make buildings work better by unlocking the diverse contributions of our whole team. This year our primary focus was on ‘customer journey’ and how we can use our smart tech to create even better customer experiences.

Great job team DMA!