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DMA Group were so proud to have secured the multi-million, multi-year M&E maintenance and projects framework at the Port of Dover (PoD). The previous 12 months saw our respective teams collaborating closely to reverse the challenges of the past in order to establish better control of service quality, compliance and resources. Alongside our formation of a highly motivated team, the fundamental ingredient for change was the deployment of our unique BiO® service management platform.

Our next chapter of collaboration was kicked off last week in a joint workshop of around 40 DMA and PoD stakeholders to secure even deeper and stronger foundations for continuous improvement which will enable is to work smarter together. It was an energetic and enthusiastic all-day session comprising teams from operations, project management, asset management, finance and commercial with great ideas and outcomes emerging. Such a pleasure to work with such an open and dynamic customer to crystalise shared outcomes.

About the Port of Dover

The Port of Dover is Europe’s busiest ferry port, a vital international gateway for the movement of people and trade.

It is also an award-winning cruise port, the second busiest in the UK and hosts some of the world’s most prestigious cruise lines. Other successful businesses include a cargo terminal, a top award-winning marina and several niche activities. The business mix is diverse.

Great job everyone!