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Our vision at DMA Group is clear: powered by our expertise and our technology, we will make buildings work better and change the UK maintenance industry, for good.

Smashing our industry, is fuelled by our deep frustration with status quo. It drives our unwavering intent to permanently change a sector that’s underwhelmed our customers for many years. Recognising we were part of the problem fed our relentless pursuit for scalable efficiency and delivering better, smarter service.

So after 5.5 years and over £1.5m of development investment, we’re now getting the basics right. Our own digital service management platform, BiO®, has automated our business process to achieve transformational outcomes.

Transitioning ourselves to become that disruptive and compellingly different service provider required hard work, time and resilience, alongside the invaluable counsel of our world class NED’s (rotating clockwise from top left):

Adrian Pritchard
From Nash & Co Capital; a corporate finance and M&A specialist

Seb Chambers
Founder of CIL; a leading management consultant & M&A strategist

Simon Murphy:
Tyndall Investment Management; a chartered accountant and senior fund manager

Jason Leavy:
Ex-Vice Media MD; a PR, communications, marketing and growth specialist

Their continued support and advice, coupled with our operational agility will ensure we make change happen. Many of our new and existing customers are already benefitting from our fresh approach, so if you’re a building owner, occupier or manager and want to find out why we’re different, contact us at and take a look at

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