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The UK’s M&E maintenance industry is very traditional. Nothing has changed for years. From it’s destructively competitive procurement processes, through to it’s uninspired delivery. Expectations are high, profit margins are low, we’ve struggled to attract talent and for years customers haven’t been happy. Changing providers is the norm….and that’s an industry in itself!

Despite an ocean of providers, each of us has offered, done and said pretty much the same things. There’s no real differentiation and limited innovation, so customer choice is often limited to their size, and what colour polo shirts the engineers wear!

Research over 15 consecutive years confirms the majority of customers aren’t happy. Wholesale change is long overdue, so powered by knowledge and technology we’re going to smash the UK maintenance industry, for good. We’ve invested over £1M into developing our own service management platform, BiO®, to automate all of our business processes, from A-to-Z.

The efficiency, accuracy and customer service dividends are transformational. Everyone has access to a single system with real-time data accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device at no cost. Automated reporting, dashboards and “calls to action” drive unrivalled levels of communication, compliance and conformance.

If you truly want some something different, come and talk to us at DMA.