Port of Dover
Dedicated Onsite M&E and Facilities Management

The Port of Dover, the busiest international ferry port in Europe, serves as the UK’s primary gateway to the continent. This port, responsible for handling £144bn worth of goods annually and accommodating millions of passengers and vehicles, is the living embodiment of the importance of trade and transport. At the core of this sprawling operation is DMA Group, a long-term Framework Partner committed to the smooth running of the port.

The Challenge

Prior to DMA involvement, the Port of Dover faced substantial maintenance and operational difficulties. The incumbent service provider’s inability to respond swiftly and effectively to maintenance requirements was a significant concern. The port, with its vast network of assets and non-stop activity, needed a provider capable of instilling confidence through its service and adapting to the demands of a 24/7 operational environment.

The Solution

Taking on this role, we quickly addressed the challenges by understanding the port’s needs and leveraging our expertise in managing large, complex estates. We established a dedicated on-site team, available round the clock. Whether it was planned, reactive, or compliance maintenance services, our experienced technicians, engineers, project managers, and support staff worked tirelessly to meet the port’s operational demands. These actions played a crucial role in restructuring the previous service delivery model and implementing necessary improvements successfully.

The Outcome

  • Noticeable improvements since DMA assumed responsibility in January 2022
  • Significantly increased operational efficiency for seamless daily operations and services
  • Expanded scope to cover general building maintenance and fabric repairs
  • Smooth integration of specialist compliance services for comprehensive support
  • Successful procurement of a major Fire Compliance Project, ensuring fire precautions are maintained within the port

There are few organisations that can match DMA Group's level of commitment, professionalism, and expertise. Their dedication to turning around a challenging situation was remarkable. They offered a seamless transition when we were let down by our previous provider and swiftly brought about noticeable improvements in our operations. The results – a more efficient, effective, and compliant operation – underscore the high-value partnership we have with DMA Group.

Adrian BakerProject Manager, Port of Dover