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If you need building maintenance in the UK, you’d better like vanilla as it’s the only flavour on offer!

Independent research over 15 years confirms customers are unsatisfied. And when they change providers, they simply get more of the same, differentiated only by their size. But with very tight margins and recent history as proof, “big” isn’t any guarantee of quality or resilience.

Having been around for 219 years, we knew we were part of the problem, so powered by our expertise and our technology, we decided we would make buildings work better and change the UK maintenance industry, for good.

We had used off-the-shelf CAFM systems for over 20 years, but fed up with compromise we decided to develop our own digital service management platform, BiO®. 5.5 years and £1.5m pounds later and we’ve fully automated all of our business processes and driven transformational efficiency and better customer service.

Was it tough? Oh yes! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES!

So, what’s BiO® achieved for us already:

– 50% improvement in office support efficiency
– Doubled the efficiency of our engineers
– 35% improvement in overhead efficiency

….and there’s more to come!