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During these challenging and uncertain times, many businesses & organisations are recognising they can (or must) reduce their building space requirements, whether office, industrial or retail. For many SME’s it’s a critical time – reducing costs is imperative to their survival.

Reducing your property space can deliver substantial savings, yet making it happen can be much more complex and expensive than you would think. Early exit from a commercial Lease Agreement requires expert legal advice and the invaluable practical skills necessary to minimise expensive internal and external dilapidations e.g. stripping out ceilings, demolishing partitions, redecoration and any alterations required to return it as was.

Don’t think because you’ve looked after your buildings or fitted them out to a high standard that your landlord won’t make you strip it all out, or charge you for it. Many tenants signed their leases years ago so it will be difficult to recall all of the small print obligations when triggering a break clause or handing the property back

DMA Group can help you navigate through the whole process from the pen to the paint brush, so if you need help contact us at