Andrew Cook joins DMA - DMA Group
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Let disruption commence!

Making buildings work, together, is what we do best. For over 16 years DMA Group have kept integrated customer care technology, service management and field based apps at the heart of their business solutions. We’ve embraced digital innovations to continuously improve customer service and to relentlessly drive operational efficiency. Our cloud-based eco-system includes state of the art, integrated platforms that enhance our customers’ experience. We’ve put customers back in control, with 100% real-time transparency into our systems (although they will look and feel like your own) via an intuitive dashboard available anytime, anywhere on any device and at no cost! The exciting pace of digital technology continues and remains at the heart of our Life of Building strategy, so to further embrace and capitalise, we have appointed Andrew Cook as our Chief Technology Officer. Andy spent more than 20 years working on technology for investment banks in the City of London including UBS, Citi and more recently Deutsche Bank.

We welcome his specialist support to help us become the most tech-savvie provider in our sector. We look forward to Andy’s transformational contribution. Welcome to a great team!