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DMA Maintenance are proud to be supporting Medway boxing sensation Karol Itauma. Already an Olympic gold medalist, 7 times national amateur champion, and unbeaten since turning professional, Karol’s success has been achieved through teamwork, a passion for quality and respect. His support team underpin his dream to become a future world champion. But each of Karol’s progressive steps depends upon overcoming a tough opponent. But his tireless focus, his commitment and relentless hard work behind the scenes is huge, because nothing is left to chance.

We resonate with Karol’s aspirations at so many levels, not least of which because we both intend to become the best at what we do.

Powered by our 219 years of experience and our own technology, we’re making buildings work better and changing the UK maintenance industry, for good. We’re tackling tradition head on to achieve our vision, but together, we’re making it a reality.

Karol’s next challenge is on 16th July and he’s smashing it in preparation! We’re proud to be supporting this fabulous talent. Go Karol!