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As featured in the January / February 2023 issue of Facilitate Magazine, DMA Group’s Chief Executive Andrew Wood talks about how education is key to filling the skills gap within the facilities management industry in 2023.

“Unless people are attracted in volume to FM from schools, colleges and universities we will not see a step change in the quality of what we do. And ‘FM’ means every element of the business from being on the tools to developing new technology to environmental innovation.

“Technology will make us more efficient and profitable for a while, but if we’re going to sustainably push FM up the hierarchy of respected, desirable professions we need structural change on the ‘people’ side of the equation.

“Ours is a complex world. To me, BIM is an amazing concept and a step in the right direction to solving complex problems. Hopefully, this sort of visionary thinking will go further, into government policy and ultimately into the curriculum.”

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