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In this my 60th year, I’ve reflected on those key ingredients that caste the mould of who I am. Living in 4 countries for 16 years ignited my passion for people, culture and travel…not to mention food and drink. Then 40 years of working for national and international service businesses increased my work-life experiences.

But it reminded me of the many gifted and talented people I’ve worked with, and still do. Whether as a young MoD Technician maintaining naval warships during the Falklands conflict, or delivering energy services, building maintenance, engineering design, consulting, or leading global facilities management businesses, it’s all been punctuated by the great people and teams I’ve had the privilege to lead and work with, at some great companies.

This month marks my 5th anniversary at DMA Group, a privately owned 218 year old property service and maintenance company with a proud history, yet an even brighter future. Our £1m investment into BiO®, our disruptive service management platform, will undoubtedly transform the building maintenance sector through automation enabled efficiency, real-time transparency and market leading customer service. Watch this space!

Steve McGregor, Group MD