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Why are we different?
Low customer satisfaction has plagued the UK building maintenance industry for years. Increasing numbers of our customers came to us after terminating the UK’s largest maintenance providers. Why? Because they wanted better and we had accepted we were part of the problem and clarified exactly what we needed to fix.

Materially improving both efficiency and customer service at scale required new, tech-enabled process automation supported by live, end-to-end data visibility. But having used most mainstream CAFM systems for over 20 years, we knew they weren’t the answer. So we developed our own platform, called BiO®. It’s transformed our back-office efficiency by 50%, our engineers are now twice as efficient, and there’s still more to come. Our customers are using the same live data, so we’re revolutionising their experience and efficiency too.

Do you want better?
Even when you changed provider you probably got more of the same. You know that smart technology can help, but you’re unsure how, because everyone uses CAFM systems. You want performance data without lag or masking of facts. You want to efficiently manage by exception, but never want to miss anything important. You want to access what you need at any time and know it’s just a few clicks away, wherever you are and on any device. You want a trusted partner who guarantees continuous improvement.

If the answer is yes, then please contact DMA Group to discuss your needs at